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Womens Health Exams available daily at BFC with Dr. Freudenthal and Evelyn James, PA-C.  Special Women’s Health Event Oct. 26-Nov. 6.  If you are in need of your annual Women’s exam or have any questions call 907-543-3773 to schedule your appointment today.


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Veteran’s Services Available covered by the VA


Veterans Affairs Patient-Centered Community Care (VAPC3)
Veterans Choice Card Benefit in Alaska

Dear Provider,

My name is Frank Maguire and I am the Chief Medical Officer for TriWest Healthcare Alliance. We have had the extreme honor and privilege of working with providers in Alaska under the Veterans Affairs Patient-Centered Care (PC3) program since January 2014. Many of you have received referrals directly from the VA under Fee Basis Care and from TriWest Healthcare Alliance under PC3.When you receive either of these referrals you will receive a VA 7079 form authorizing the care along with pertinent clinical information. Both Fee Basis Care and PC3 referrals will continue.

The Choice Card benefit is a new addition to the current PC3 program. A key difference between Choice and PC3 is that any eligible Alaska Veteran can contact TriWest and ask for assistance getting medical care. They do not need to receive a referral from a VA facility. Because they do not have a referral from the VA, there is no 7079 or clinical information provided from the VA. The Choice Card benefit is similar to Medicare in that the patient can ask to be seen by a Medicare-certified provider who is willing to accept the terms and conditions of the Choice Card benefit. However, unlike Medicare, Veterans seeking care under the Choice Card benefit still must have an authorization for that care from TriWest. Both network and non-network providers can be asked to see Veterans under Choice. As with the PC3 program, TriWest staff will assist the Veteran in getting an appointment with your office, obtain medical documentation, and pay your claims.

Some provider offices have been concerned that there is no 7079 from the VA for the Choice Card benefit. Please be assured that these documents are not necessary for you to see the Veteran under the Choice Card benefit. Further information regarding the differences between PC3 and Choice can be found on our portal at www.triwest.com. I would appreciate it if you could inform your staff about the differences between PC3 and Choice.

If you have any questions regarding the Choice program, please contact: 866-606-8198. Thank you for the care you provide to our Nation’s heroes.

Frank Maguire, MD Chief Medical Officer
TriWest Healthcare Alliance

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