Letter from the Executive Director

2019 –Continued Expansion and Addition of Services

The Medical Providers here at BFC have been hard at work to deliver unique services to the region that will enhance our mission and quality of care.  The Medical Providers have been trained and are providing Botulinum toxin injection therapy (also known as “Botox therapy” or onabotulinumtoxinA) treatment. The medical needs for the Botox being offered are for chronic migraine headache care. Contact the Health Center at 543-3773 to schedule a time to meet and discuss this treatment with a provider.


Dr. John Trimble, is the Dental Practitioner for Bethel Family Clinic and is providing the orthodontic (tooth straightening) technique which uses clear aligners, not brackets and wires. This type of orthodontic treatment provides teen and adult patients with the ability to have treatment at a lower cost.  Clear aligners are a great option for patients not wanting to wear brackets and wires. The major advantages to this type of treatment are:

  • Visibility – adult and adolescent patients often choose clear aligners as opposed to brackets and wires. They can appear invisible while the patient is using them.
  • Removability – patients have the ability to remove the clear aligners when eating or brushing their teeth. Patients can continue to maintain the regular hygiene routine and have the added benefit of no food restrictions.
  • Health Benefits – Traditional braces require more difficulty in properly caring for your teeth. The clear aligners can ease that issue. Calcium deposits are less likely to develop on the teeth with the use of the clear aligner treatment plan. Issues with poor hygiene like swollen gums can be avoided.


We are continuing to renovate the original health center space in 2019. The building is currently housing the Behavioral Health and Administrative offices. We will be adjusting the floor plan to allow for more Behavioral Health office space, a VTC patient/therapist communication room/and a meeting area for groups. Administration will remain on the first floor of the building as well.


Vaccines Available

We regularly carry immunizations, flu, pneumonia and shingles vaccines for our patients’ year around. We have these vaccines available now. Call 543-3773 to schedule the time to come in your vaccine(s).


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