Employee Spotlight for the Month of May

Employee Spotlight for the Month of May

Employee Spotlight of the Month- May

Angeline Smitley, Dental Hygienist

Angie is the Dental Hygienist and she joined our team in 2017. Angie hails from Michigan. She has a very interesting past which includes farming, weight lifting, body building and legal secretary.  Angie has worked in Kodiak, Ketchikan, and now Bethel. Angie’s love of farming is evident when speaking with her. She grew up on a farm and has still has the farm in her family managed by her son. Angie says her farming background has helped her to identify with the Alaska subsistence way of life. Angie is continuing her interests in nutrition and is a Certified Natural Health Professional. Angie hopes to continue on to be a Master Herbalist after 2 more years of school.

Angie wants to dig for gold in Nome, horseback ride in Colorado, and climb a couple mountains.  Angie is a welcome addition to the Bethel Family Clinic team and one busy lady.

Letter from the Executive Director

I have talked about changes before and we continue to evolve and develop more. We will soon start on a second renovation to the original clinic building. We are moving and consolidating the Behavioral Health team into a single area. They will no longer be spread apart. I hope to have this work completed before the end of the summer.

In my almost first year here, my focus has been on improving management’s focus on the single most important part of the organization – our employees. I have focused on improving the employee benefits (still in process). I have been able to provide employees with annual retention bonuses, develop a leave donation program, set up a standardized pay raise process, and set up additional benefits such as short and long term disability. We are currently working with an outside vendor in organizational development.

We have some staffing changes I would like to share:

Louise Michael has been promoted to Lead Biller. Joining her on that team is Clarisse Jensen. Replacing Clarisse at the front desk in the Clinic is Vivian Glore.

Julie Thompson has joined us as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Janice Longley has also joined us as our new Medical Assistant.

We are currently recruiting for more professional positions, including a Nurse Practitioner, Physician and LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) and/or a LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist).

Employee Spotlight for April


Atalaya Jimenez, Dental Office Manager

Atalaya is a Dental Office Manager who joined our team in September of 2016. Originally from Orange County, California. She moved to Bethel in 1997. She has 20 Years of management and leadership experience in business and healthcare. Strong back ground working with general accounting, Insurance Billing, Federal & State Law billing guidelines. Atalaya has worked in several different healthcare settings including hospital, private practice, and Community Clinics. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, the outdoors, sewing and traveling.  Atalaya is a pleasure to work with and we are very pleased to have her in the Bethel Family Clinic family.

Letter from the Executive Director

Letter from the Executive Director

Bethel Job Fair

Ashley Dade and Mary Laraux represented BFC at the Bethel Job Fair on March 28th. As you can see from the photo, they had plenty of goodies to give away. There are job opportunities at BFC and we are working to the improvement of our benefit package for employees.  Take a look to see what opportunities are available at the Clinic. Way to go ladies!






Employee Spotlight –  Dennis Raines

Dennis Raines has been working with BFC for almost 2 years. He is our Chemical Dependency Counselor II. Dennis has spent a large amount of time growing up and working in the Delta Region.  Dennis is dedicated to the mission of helping those in need. Dennis is the first person with a smile on his face every day and he has an energy and dedication for what he does. Dennis promotes and believes in self-care and that is evident by his last full year of commitment to his health. Dennis recently reached a 100 pound weight loss mark and we are elated for him. Dennis is married to Francina Raines. Thank you for all you do Dennis.

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