Last chance to sign-up for May 16th-17th ADIS Course


Alcohol-Drug Information School

Required by State Alcohol Safety Action Plan (ASAP) for
misdemeanor DUI clients to get their driver’s license back.

Download your personal copy here!


What’s involved?   
2 sessions: 1st is 4 hours 2nd is 8 hours equaling 12 hours of contact time. We need at LEAST 5 students enrolled in the course to complete the group discussion part of the course.

What kind of classes?
Some lecture, some group discussion, and a Handbook

Who teaches them?
Joel M Thomas

Should I quit drinking?
Yes – Although this isn’t an AA Meeting, we recommend trying to not drink for the week before the class.

Is this “treatment”?
No, this is a classroom setting – no therapy and no “hot seat”.  But we can help you find a treatment facility that works for you.

Cost- $ 300.00
($325 pay-as-you-go)

How much does it cost?
A lot less than another DUI!  Most insurance plans do not cover ADIS, and Indian Health Service benefit is not an option.  So you can pay up-front or pay-as-you-go, and send your receipt to your insurance.  …

What do I do next?
Give us a call, and we’ll set up an intake…we’re here to help!

COST – $ 300.00
$325 pay-as-you-go

How much … Continue reading

Not Getting A Good Night Sleep?

Not Getting A Good Night Sleep?

Sleep study

We act as the middleman for the Sleep Clinic of Alaska to help people with sleep apnea and other sleep related illnesses get a better night sleep. The primary symptoms of disordered sleeping are excessive sleepiness during the day, difficulty concentrating, falling asleep at inappropriate times, difficulty falling or staying asleep, excessive sleeping and abnormal behaviors during sleep (such as twitching legs). If you are suffering from some or all these symptoms we can get you started with the testing process. There is a questionnaire on our website or you can pick one up at the clinic and get more information about the process.

If left untreated, sleep problems can lead to serious and even life-threatening problems, including high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, congestive heart failure and heart arrhythmias. Sleep apnea contributes to obesity, depression and injurious and potentially deadly accidents. The type of disorder, severity of symptoms and the presence of other sleep disorders or complicating factors are all important and need to be correctly identified in order to be appropriately treated. Once identified, specific treatment options can be recommended.

While it depends on your insurance company and the specific plan you have, most sleep studies are covered by insurance. As a courtesy to our patients and as part of our comprehensive services, Alaska Sleep Clinic will contact your insurance company to help you determine your plan’s coverage and … Continue reading

Acupuncturist Visiting Bethel

Acupuncturist Visiting Bethel

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Valerie will be coming to Bethel about once a month. She is already pretty booked, so, if you are interested you should give her a call to schedule an appointment. Valerie is not connected to the Family Clinic, so all questions should be directed to Valerie, Thanks.