Behavioral Health Resources from Wellness Wednesday on KYUK

Listen to Wellness Wednesday here:
Crisis/ Emergency Resources:
YKHC Crisis Response:  907-543-6499 or 1-844-543-6499
Tundra Women’s Coalition: 1-800-478-7799
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
Local Behavioral Health Resources:
Bethel Family Clinic: 907-543-9860
YKHC Behavioral Health Outpatient: 907-543-6100
LKSD School Social Work Department: 907-545-4429
Tundra Women’s Coalition: 907-543-3444
Stress Management Apps:
Insight timer app:
There is hope. Here are a few Behavioral Health Tips for managing difficult times:
1. Create a schedule or routine
2. Connect with others
3. Get outside
4. Exercise
5. Meal plan
6. Play
7. Savor the quiet time
8. Stay informed, but avoid obsessing
9. Find gratitude
10. Breathe
Top 5 ways to support loved ones who are struggling:
1. Listen.
2. Just be there.
3. Accept that you may not have the answer, offering compassion is often more helpful than advice.
4. If it feels more than you can handle, suggest outside support, counseling or community groups.
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