Part I: What is Integrated Health?

Integrated care, also known as integrated health, coordinated care, comprehensive care, … the World Health Organization gives the following definition: Integrated care is a concept bringing together ... Continuity of care is closely related to integrated care and emphasizes the patient’s perspective through the system of health and social services,

An approach that is not really new!  Indigenous cultures thousands of years old have understood the connection of mind/body/spirit to well-being.  Integrated health in primary care clinics is this approach to WHOLE HEALTH, a “total wellness” of the patient.  It is the understanding that how we think and feel can dramatically affect our physical health.  The benefits to this approach, of screening and considering the whole health of a patient means earlier intervention and treatment opportunity.

Bethel Family Clinic provides Primary Integrated Health Care by including screenings for all health care patients PHQ-9; SBIRT, and DAST-10.  These screening tools provide an opportunity as components of a wellness exam for information and feedback about lifestyle and current emotional health.  

Be sure to be open with your provider about how you are feeling and what current life situations may be going on.


Take a moment to listen to what Queen Latifah; Nick Jonas, and Ted Danson have to say about the importance of annual whole health exams:

February is American Heart Month- What We Need to Know

February is American Heart Month – What We Need to Know

The month of Valentine’s Day is a good reminder of heart health. The American Heart Association notes February as American Heart month. When pulling up research to write this article, the common theme noted is prevention.

By making choices beneficial to our health, we can make a noted improvement in our health and quality of life.  Three contributing factors that can be controlled are dietary, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Early detection, dietary changes and exercise all contribute to lessening the risk factors for our health.

HDL, or ‘good cholesterol’ is the kind of cholesterol we want to have. Here are 5 ways to increase the HDL cholesterol:

  • Increase physical activity. Thirty minutes of moderate exercise most days is recommended.
  • Lose extra weight. Losing weight not only increases HDL but reduces the LDL or ‘bad cholesterol’.
  • Be smart about fats. Choose monoUNsaturated and polyUNsaturated fats from plants, nuts and fish.
  • Alcohol in moderation please. Alcohol causes other issues, so make sure to not overindulge.
  • Stop smoking. Believe it or not, when you quit smoking your HDL levels increase.
  • I have attached a quick link from the CDC regarding heart health.


    Take time to contact your health care provider for your routine exam and get your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked.

    Letter from the Executive Director

    2019 –Continued Expansion and Addition of Services

    The Medical Providers here at BFC have been hard at work to deliver unique services to the region that will enhance our mission and quality of care.  The Medical Providers have been trained and are providing Botulinum toxin injection therapy (also known as “Botox therapy” or onabotulinumtoxinA) treatment. The medical needs for the Botox being offered are for chronic migraine headache care. Contact the Health Center at 543-3773 to schedule a time to meet and discuss this treatment with a provider.


    Dr. John Trimble, is the Dental Practitioner for Bethel Family Clinic and is providing the orthodontic (tooth straightening) technique which uses clear aligners, not brackets and wires. This type of orthodontic treatment provides teen and adult patients with the ability to have treatment at a lower cost.  Clear aligners are a great option for patients not wanting to wear brackets and wires. The major advantages to this type of treatment are:

    • Visibility – adult and adolescent patients often choose clear aligners as opposed to brackets and wires. They can appear invisible while the patient is using them.
    • Removability – patients have the ability to remove the clear aligners when eating or brushing their teeth. Patients can continue to maintain the regular hygiene routine and have the added benefit of no food restrictions.
    • Health Benefits – Traditional braces require more difficulty in properly caring for your teeth. The clear aligners can ease that issue. Calcium deposits … Continue reading

    January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month – What We Need to Know

    The American Cancer Society estimated in 2018 about 13,240 cases of invasive cervical cancer would be diagnosed. It is one of the most common forms of cancer death in women. Regular diagnostic testing has significantly reduced the death rate. It most often occurs in midlife for women between 35 and 44 years of age.  While it is rare in women younger than 20, 15% of the cases will be for women over 65.


    • Early detection is a key factor to successful treatment of cervical cancer. Annual Cancer Screening Tests (formally known as PAP tests) provide prevention and early detection.
    • Discuss having a HPV test done with your medical provider. A positive HPV test does not mean you will have or develop cancer.
    • HPV (human papilloma virus) can cause certain cancers. There are vaccines available to protect both women and men from the virus. Very few cases of HPV lead to cervical cancer.
    • Most cervical cancers can be stopped before they happen. Cervical cancer is rare in women who routinely get regular screening tests.
    • Follow your medical provider’s recommendation for the routine scheduling of your screening test.
    • Some women are at greater risk for getting cervical cancer if: (1) your immune system is compromised; (2) have HPV and it doesn’t go away; (3) have HIV or AIDS; and (4) if you smoke.


    Take time to contact your health care provider for your routine exam.


    I want to take minute to make a shout out and a huge THANK YOU to AC for prepping and cooking our delicious Prime Ribs for our End of Year Celebration, they came out perfect. Thank you for using us as a trial for your catering endeavors. We will definitely keep you in mind for next year!