Letter from the Executive Director

Change. It seems there is always change happening around us. At Bethel Family Clinic, we are also transforming and modifying how Bethel Family Clinic provides services to the community and region.

The new facility is now up and running. It is a beautiful new building that provides more patient care facilities, including the addition of a procedure room. As a non-profit, the focus is on the needs of the patient and how we can holistically promote better health care.

We will be publishing articles monthly on the website and Face Book. In October, the focus will be information about Breast Cancer awareness for men and women and Mental Health awareness.

You may have noticed by driving by, the original building is getting a facelift. Fresh paint on the walls, a little elbow grease and moving the reception and administrative areas for easier accessibility to the patients. This work is still going on and we have to thank Kuqo Construction and Mike Larsen for assisting us in this effort.

Change – as noted in the beginning of the article. Some small, some not so small. All geared towards the patients and clients of the practitioners for Bethel Family Clinic. We are proud to be members of the Bethel and regional communities. Stop by and say hello.

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