Part I: What is Integrated Health?

Integrated care, also known as integrated health, coordinated care, comprehensive care, … the World Health Organization gives the following definition: Integrated care is a concept bringing together ... Continuity of care is closely related to integrated care and emphasizes the patient’s perspective through the system of health and social services,

An approach that is not really new!  Indigenous cultures thousands of years old have understood the connection of mind/body/spirit to well-being.  Integrated health in primary care clinics is this approach to WHOLE HEALTH, a “total wellness” of the patient.  It is the understanding that how we think and feel can dramatically affect our physical health.  The benefits to this approach, of screening and considering the whole health of a patient means earlier intervention and treatment opportunity.

Bethel Family Clinic provides Primary Integrated Health Care by including screenings for all health care patients PHQ-9; SBIRT, and DAST-10.  These screening tools provide an opportunity as components of a wellness exam for information and feedback about lifestyle and current emotional health.  

Be sure to be open with your provider about how you are feeling and what current life situations may be going on.


Take a moment to listen to what Queen Latifah; Nick Jonas, and Ted Danson have to say about the importance of annual whole health exams:

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